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ESC Can Help You Better Enjoy Your Summer!

The truth is we can help business owners and employees enjoy summer – We’re in the business of assisting businesses, and we know that for a business to operate successfully – it takes satisfied employees and business owners. Work/life balance is key – so here are some ways that we can help you keep your business in order, while still allowing you to enjoy this Seattle summer right!

 Virtual Office Setup – Summer is packed with kids at home, play dates, bbq’s, family reunions, weekend getaways and holidays – which is exactly the way summer should be. But if you normally work from home it can be distracting and sometimes almost impossible to get anything done! As your local business center, we offer monthly virtual packages that allow you to come into a day office or meeting room to make those important telephone calls or meet with clients and prospects for an hour or two at a time.

Telephone Answering/Forwarding – It’s OK to spend some summer indulgence time out of the office. Whether it’s a day at the lake, a few hours on the golf course or an afternoon family BBQ, just because you’re not IN the office, doesn’t mean you have to miss calls (unless you want to). Allow us to forward your priority calls from clients and partners to your cell phone, or act as a personal message system instead of sending them straight to voicemail. We can create a specific setup that works for you – so that enjoying some summer time does not have to mean neglecting important business.

Business Support Services – Are you working extra hours to finish all the paperwork, send out all the necessary invoices and all those other odds and ends that seem to never end? Don’t miss out on summer memories trying to catch up – leave that up to our professionals. You don’t want to miss that swim meet, or get on the road 2 hours later for that camping trip (that’s 2 hours less sunlight you’ll get!), so leave the administrative details to us, an enjoy that quality time with your friends and family.

Call us today at 206.248.1082 to see how we might help make your Seattle summer the best!

Why Choose ESC?

ESC – the perfect choice for office rentals and virtual offices in the Seattle market.

Have you ever walked into a lobby and immediately felt like you have been there before – like you belong? The vibe is warm and friendly. It feels like your home away from home?

Well that’s our goal at Executive Support Center. Whether you are a first time guest of ours or a guest of one of our tenants, you will be greeted in our lobby by a friendly and professional receptionist. She will greet you, announce your arrival and offer you a beverage while you wait for your meeting. Your guest, in fact every guest, is given undivided attention and often feel that we are a member of your company.

We are locally owned and operated. Getting to know you, your business and goals, is important to us. We live in the same community. If you are successful, we will be successful.  

We will ask you what your needs are and can quickly tailor our services to your requirements. Do you need services that are slightly different than what we have offered on our website or that you have seen elsewhere? Maybe you need a little more time in a conference room package. Or you might want assistance in administering tests or providing information to applicants, for instance. Whatever your requirements are, ask us. Let us know your budget, and we’d be happy to tailor a package to suit your particular needs.

We are not bound by guidelines and pricing set by large corporations or associations that are most likely headquartered in another state or even another country. It isn’t necessary for us to call or email headquarters for an exception to the packaged programs. We can discuss your needs with you and immediately present a package of services on the spot, with prices.

So, how can we do that? As we mentioned we are a locally owned and operated boutique business center where your needs and budget are our priority. As we said – If you are successful, we will be successful also.

The ABC’s of Executive Support Center

The ABC Benefits of Executive Support Center Services

Check out the benefits you are able to enjoy with our office rentals.

 ESC has a lot to offer the businesses we work with.  In fact-there is something for every letter in the alphabet, and then some! 

A – Access – 24 hours!

B-  Business support services

C – Coffee – and it’s gourmet!

D – Day Office rentals for short terms needs

E – Executive suites with various floor plans

F – Furnished or unfurnished offices – your choice!

G – Green: Virtual Offices help you go green and also save “green” on things like business travel!

H – High speed internet

I – Identity plans for your business

J – Janitorial services and utilities

K – Kitchen facilities

L – Lunches: Ask us about our periodic social lunches!

M- Meeting Rooms for all types of occasions

N – Networking Opportunities

O- Onsite parking for you and your customers

P – Printing Services

Q – Quiet workspaces where you can focus in private

R- Rentals on a day or full time basis

S- Secure mailboxes

T- Telephone answering services

U- Unlimited use of all our business services on an a ‘la carte basis!

V- Video conferencing services

W- Water – filtered water whenever you need it!

X- X-Mas Cards.  OK this one was as stretch, but our administrative staff can help with your mailing needs – Christmas cards are a great example!

Y- Your own Seattle address

Z- Zero hassle…we handle of all the business tasks that usually weigh you down!