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Does Technology Connect or Disconnect Us?

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Many people would argue that in our day and age, technology has encouraged a withdrawal from personal relationships and disconnect from reality and society. This is undeniably true in some ways – but we can’t discount how technology has also allowed us to strengthen the connections in our lives.  As a local business center, we see how people utilize technology in positive ways on a daily basis – so here is some food for thought as to how you can use technology as a connecting tool, rather than one that creates barriers between us.

Video ConferencingWhether you are utilizing video conferencing for business or personal purposes, this is an amazing tool to aid in staying connected in geographically challenged situations. Located on the West Coast and have team members in New York?  Think about the benefit of a Monday morning meeting via video conference rather than conference call. Or how seeing your mom’s face when you call to wish her a happy birthday could mean more than a simple text or call.  Don’t underestimate the power of visuals, and how seeing faces and expressions can encourage a stronger connection and relationship.

Phone Answering Services: If you are a business owner or employee that is often in the field at your job, and often misses phone calls – telephone answering services are a great way to “stay connected”.  Having someone answer a potential clients call to greet them appropriately and collect their necessary information, is much more welcoming to most people than a voicemail.  Consider how technology and call routing in this situation could give your business a much more friendly front, and help people to feel more connected to your business.

Virtual Office Services: Although much more common now, work from home and virtual jobs have always existed to some extent, however they were not always supported with the technology we have today. Rather than feeling completely isolated and disconnected from the office environment, virtual office services now allow us to feel very connected to our employees, colleagues, and the business world in general.  Some years ago, a stay at home mother may not have felt like pursuing a career was possible while running a household. Now virtual office services have made is possible to stay connected even in a remote environment. While you may do the majority of your work from home when it is convenient our virtual plans give you a business address, day offices and meeting rooms when you need to meet that important client face to face


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