Executive Support Center Offers Flexibility for Home Office Workers

How are you doing working from home?

Executive Support Center assists you in working more productively and efficiently – all the while keeping your sanity!

It’s Monday morning, you’re wrapped up in your flannel pajamas sipping coffee from your couch, and you don’t have to drive into an office because you work from home. You must be thinking: “This is the life! I’m going to be much more productive!” But then suddenly it’s Wednesday afternoon and all you’ve accomplished is knocking out two seasons of your new favorite show on Netflix. At least you opened your emails though, right?

Working from home has many benefits; you get to work around your own schedule and you avoid unnecessary distractions, such as long staff meetings or overly chatty co-workers. While the solitude of working from home may entice you, you miss out on networking with other clients in the same field as you, as well as the potential of working outside of designated “working” hours that you may have set for yourself if you worked in an office. In addition to the social aspects you miss out on working from home, you’re also at risk for anxiety or depression being isolated from others. Long periods of time locked away could result in decreased productivity as well.

Having a virtual office is the best of both worlds for you. It offers you flexibility in terms of working from home versus working in an office, and it provides you a professional space to meet clients. Here at Executive Support Center, we help connect our clients to theirs in a variety of ways. You can rent your own office full time if you prefer, or book rooms on a case-to-case basis as your business schedule demands.

Executive Support Center offers professional meeting rooms you can book to meet with your clients. No longer will you need to meet in the coffee shop near your house where screaming children and grinding coffee machines compete for your client’s attention! We can offer quiet, clean spaces for reasonable rates year round. In addition to benefiting from a flexible work schedule, our business also gives you the opportunity to network and connect with other local professionals in the area.

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