Staying Focused During the Holidays

Keeping Focused During the Holidays

Have you been seeing holiday countdown signs everywhere and finding yourself suddenly possessed by feelings of dread? Is your first thought “How in the world am I supposed to finish all my work before then?” We have some tips as you dive head first into the New Year that may prevent Grinch-like symptoms from ruining your holiday season.

Don’t Overcommit

Now is the time when people try to finish up things that have lingered throughout the year and, big surprise, that big rush to cross off items from a to-do list could potentially impact you and your business. Look at your schedule and your capacity- do you have many coworkers who plan on taking vacation that won’t be able to share the extra work? Do you even have the resources available to accomplish the tasks requested by your clients? Take a step back and evaluate what you can and can’t do, and don’t feel guilty saying no.

Prioritize Tasks

Make a list of projects or business assignments that absolutely need to be done before the holiday rush and what can be completed after the New Year. Be firm with clients or coworkers who may ask you to work late into the evening to finish everything on time. You’ll feel much more relaxed knowing you have designated your work tasks into achievable goals pre and post holiday.

Communicate Your Limitations

Before the holidays are in full swing, let your clients know what your schedule or capacity limitations are up front so they’re not surprised when you tell them some things may need to wait until January. This allows you to focus on the tasks you’ve already agreed to and will help you stay sane (theoretically) to enjoy the festivities of the season.

Take Time Off

Don’t feel guilty for taking a day or two off! You may have family or friends visiting who want to see the sights, but sipping on hot cocoa and looking at holiday lights aren’t nearly as fun if you’re locked away in the office. If you prioritize your December responsibilities and avoid overcommitting to new tasks, taking time off to spend with your loved ones shouldn’t feel like a burden. Bake some cookies and live it up!

Follow these tips this winter to find a balance between work and fun that works for you and your business. Happy Holidays!



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