Why Choose ESC?

ESC – the perfect choice for office rentals and virtual offices in the Seattle market.

Have you ever walked into a lobby and immediately felt like you have been there before – like you belong? The vibe is warm and friendly. It feels like your home away from home?

Well that’s our goal at Executive Support Center. Whether you are a first time guest of ours or a guest of one of our tenants, you will be greeted in our lobby by a friendly and professional receptionist. She will greet you, announce your arrival and offer you a beverage while you wait for your meeting. Your guest, in fact every guest, is given undivided attention and often feel that we are a member of your company.

We are locally owned and operated. Getting to know you, your business and goals, is important to us. We live in the same community. If you are successful, we will be successful.  

We will ask you what your needs are and can quickly tailor our services to your requirements. Do you need services that are slightly different than what we have offered on our website or that you have seen elsewhere? Maybe you need a little more time in a conference room package. Or you might want assistance in administering tests or providing information to applicants, for instance. Whatever your requirements are, ask us. Let us know your budget, and we’d be happy to tailor a package to suit your particular needs.

We are not bound by guidelines and pricing set by large corporations or associations that are most likely headquartered in another state or even another country. It isn’t necessary for us to call or email headquarters for an exception to the packaged programs. We can discuss your needs with you and immediately present a package of services on the spot, with prices.

So, how can we do that? As we mentioned we are a locally owned and operated boutique business center where your needs and budget are our priority. As we said – If you are successful, we will be successful also.

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